Fun Poems To Read

Fun Poems To Read 1

Poem 1: The Rusty Table

There was an old rusty table, it’s legs weren’t very stable, it’s weakness gives me a shiver, but it would quiver, that weak rusty table,

The Rusty Table Poem

Poem 2: My Regret

I was the one who started it all The rise of methane and air ‘s stink Now I caused fragrance’s fall All because of farting squid ink

Poem 3: Foolish Old Crab

You know what I did in the testing lab, I fused an atomic fart with a squid, now I feel like a foolish old crab.

The Foolish Crab Poem

Poem 4: Climate

Climate burning, freezing, changing, increasing, decreasing, devastation to the world, weather.

Poem 5: The Fat Cat

The man had a fat cat, it was stuck as it sat, it wriggled, and fiddled, that silly fat cat!

Poem 6 Part 1: Lion In The Jungle

I went hiking in a jungle, and I saw a lion in a cave, it was roaming around, having a good day, so I went to investigate.

Lion Poem

6 Part 2: Lion In The Jungle

The lion saw me too, and came to take my flesh, he came as fast as hell, so I hid in the grass which was fresh.

Poem 7: The Kid Named Lars

There was a kid named Lars, he came from planet mars, where all the kids were crying, they were also dying, that dying kid named Lars.

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