Why Parents Should Positively Listen To Children

Parents should listen to their child.
Why Parents Should Listen To Children

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My Opinion On Why Parents Should Listen To Children

In my opinion, I strongly believe that parents should definitely listen to children. It is undoubtedly obvious that if parents don’t listen to children, children will lose confidence and it will break relationships. Imagine if you were a child, and you were rejected to go to someone’s birthday party. How would you feel? Well sometimes parents don’t agree to children, and then the children feel grief-stricken. Do you understand children? Do you know your child properly? Not listening to children can damage their health, their emotions, their mental thinking and it can destroy their well being. You must listen to children, or you will ruin you and your child’s l

Firstly, not listening to children can make them lose confidence. They may give up on life, and they may stop trusting people around them. I myself have been through a phase when I lost the confidence in doing anything. I couldn’t even think about talking to my parents. I was heart-broken, and I was thinking about suicide. I felt like I don’t belong in this world, and I felt like I was invisible. This was certainly very harmful to my mental thinking. Consequently, not listening to children can demolish a child’s confidence. How would you feel if you were ignored? Won’t you feel like you are not belonging over here? Won’t you feel depressed?

Secondly, not listening to children can break relationships. Children will stop believing in you, and you will lose all relations with your children. Your children will be inconsolable for a very long time. This has happened to many people around the world. They have left their parents for a better life. Although people become rapturous for some time after they think they did the right thing, most people feel miserable afterwards. How would you feel if you were to leave the house and then return after like 5 days? Won’t you feel very sad? Therefore, you should absolutely listen to children.

Finally, children have better brain efficiency than parents. Children have fresher brains than parents. This means they could know way more than parents. They have stronger bain power than you, and they are way fresher. It has been scientifically been proven that when people tend to get older, they lose more memory.  Children are born after parents are born, so there is a higher chance that they have a better brain than their parents. Furthermore, if you listen to children, you might even survive things you couldn’t by yourself. Always remember, two heads are better than one. 

In conclusion, it is easily obvious that parents should listen to children more often. Children should be more trustworthy to parents, and if you won’t believe in them, they won’t believe in you and themselves. They will break relationships with you, and you may even regret not listening to them. You may even lose yourself if they leave you. This is why you should definitely listen to children, and if you don’t listen to children, you will be in a large loss.

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