Why We Should All Be Vegetarian 24/7


Keep in Mind That This Was Created To Help People To Be Vegetarian!

In my opinion, I strongly believe that we should definitely be vegetarian. No-one should have any right to be non-vegetarian. It is very beneficial to you if you stop eating non-vegetarian food as you become less fat, you become stronger with stronger muscles, you have a better chance of living and you are helping animals survive. Try to be in their shoes, feel what they feel, see what they see and feel empathy to them. How would you feel if you were an animal? Learn more about this, and certainly try to stop eating animals. If you think animals don’t do anything to you then you are wrong! Animals can destroy you, and they can cause irreversible harm to your body.

Firstly, we should certainly eat only vegetarian food. Think about those innocent animals which humans are repeatedly killing for their own good. Have you ever even thought about life as a chicken or a cow? How would you feel if your family was killed to be eaten? Wouldn’t you feel grief-stricken? You should feel empathy for these animals. It has been scientifically proven that more than 100 million animals are killed each year in Australia. It has also been scientifically proven that chickens are the closest things to dinosaurs, so if you ever want to see a dinosaur again, then stop eating chicken. It has also been proven that birds are also close to dinosaurs. If we keep this rate up, chickens and other animals could go extinct. Then, it will be impossible to see dinosaurs again. Consequently, we should definitely have one day where we eat only vegetarian food. If we do this, we will be rapturous, unimpeachable good people.

Secondly, we should only eat vegetarian food because it doesn’t only save an animal’s life, but it also saves you life. It is a fact that animals can spread toxic poison which spreads insanely fast. When taken to a factory, they spread dangerous toxic pollution. Obviously, none of us wants dangerous pollution air which damages the lungs of a normal human. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), chemical and animal waste runoff from factory farms are responsible for more than 173,000 miles of polluted rivers and streams. Sometimes animals can be extremely dangerous, and if eaten, they can demolish you. The EPA estimates that nearly 95 per cent of the pesticide residue in the typical American diet comes from meat, fish and dairy products. Therefore, we must not eat non-vegetarian food, or we could die. 

Finally, they are losing families. They are seriously losing their love, and they are losing their family. How would you feel if your family had to suffer through this diabolical system? How would you feel if you died? I am struggling to the thought of just thinking that.  People have proven that a lot of people eat non-vegetarian food. Think about all the families who are continuously being killed. There are so many wild creatures who are being murdered by humans. They are losing themselves, and they are very depressed. I am disgusted by seeing what humans are doing to innocent lives.        

In conclusion, I strongly believe we should stop eating non-vegetarian food. It is for the good of everyone, and everyone will be rapturous if something like this happens. All in all, this action will benefit everyone. All in all, we should stop eating food which is non-vegetarian. If we do this, we will be the best people the world has ever seen. We will help the planet survive, and we will all live in peace and harmony. Tranquillity will fill the air, and we will be extremely conservative.

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Trushil Shah

Author: Trushil Shah

My name is Trushil Shah and I am 10 years old. I live in Australia, a multicultural country. I have a little sister. Here are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to play sports, study, do technology experiencing, go out into the world, read, write, see the lunar eclipses by a glimpse, share time with my family, code in scratch and most of all have fun. I like flowers in spring, rain in summer, leaves in autumn, and snow in winter. I want to be a doctor or engineer when I grow up. I like many different types of food. My favourite subject of all is Maths. I am always trying to do my best. Whatever I do I want to do best.

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