How To Make A Snake in Excel 2019

This is a tutorial about how to make a snake in Excel. This snake can be used for multiple reasons, like for snakes and ladders. If you do want to use it for snakes and ladders, check out and all my other Excel posts.

How to make a Snake:

Create your snakes on a new sheet. Remember to name your sheet, otherwise it won’t be saved.

Using, insert, shapes and scribble draw a snake that will take you from a higher row to a lower row. Remember to make it curvy, and not so straight, as snakes aren’t straight.

Then create a head, it could be using a shape or drawing a head. Connect both parts by ‘grouping’, click on the head then holding the shift button down click on the body (this selects all parts – you could add a tail as well or a forked-tongue but remember to do this before grouping. When you group the snake, make sure not to click one part more than once, otherwise it won’t stick together.

Now you need to make it fatter – click on your snake then format tab, select shape outline, then weight and more lines.

This brings a menu you up on the right-hand side of the sheet that allows you to change the weight of the line, the colour and the transparency. Now you will be able to change the dimension. You will be able to make the snake more transparent, and you will be able to give it a bit more texture.

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