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Anzac Day

What Is Anzac Day?

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations, and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.

What Does ANZAC Mean?

The acronym ANZAC represents Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. On 25th April 1915, the Australian and New Zealand army set out to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula. This event is now knows as Anzac Day when we remember these soldiers and appreciate all the things they have done to protect out country.

Why Is This Day Special To Australians?

On the morning of 25th April 1915, the Anzacs set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied navies. The mission was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey), the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and an ally of Germany.

All of the Anzacs landed on Gallipoli and met fierce and ferocious resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. Their mission to knock Turkey out of the war as soon as possible became a stalemate, and the campaign dragged on for eight more months.

During the end of 1915, all the allied forces were evacuated. Both sides of the war suffered through hard casualties and endured strong hardships. More than 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed, and loads of them were either mentally or physically injured.

They were outnumbered, but they still stood courageous, and although they failed in their objectives, the campaign left all of us a powerful legacy.

What Happens In Australia For Anzac Day?

Anzac Day remembrance takes two forms. Commemorative services are held at dawn, the time of the original landing in Gallipoli – across the nation. Later, ex-servicemen and women meet to take part in marches through the major cities and in many smaller centres. Commemorative ceremonies are more formal and are held at war memorials around the country. 

A typical Anzac Day ceremony includes the following features: an introduction, hymn, prayer, an address, laying of wreaths, a recitation, the Last Post, a period of silence, either the Rouse or the Reveille, and the national anthem. After the Memorial’s ceremony, families often place red poppies beside the names of relatives on the Memorial’s Roll of Honour.

Red Poppies have high significance in Australia and New Zealand. During and after the war in the Gallipoli peninsula, the popy was the only found flower which was growing wildly. This is why many people wear them on their outer garment.

red poppies

The Anzac Biscuit

The biscuit first originated during World War 1, when families of the people at war would meet, and prepare food which could last long, wouldn’t need refrigeration and would easily be edible. That is why they created this biscuit.

All there are a variety of different variations of the biscuit, the original and most common one includes rolled oats, sugar, plain flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup or treacle, bi-carbonate of soda, and boiling water. This biscuit was first known as the Soldiers Biscuit, but after the campaign at Gallipoli Peninsula, they named it the ANZAC biscuit.

Anzac Biscuits

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