Why We Should Give Poor Clean Water


Hello to all presidents, representatives and leaders. Please allow me, to begin my presentation on why every child should have access to clean water. Let me start by recalling that water is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. Polluted water isn’t just dirty, but really deadly. Around ⅔ of our organisms are comprised of water. Around 75% of our brain is made up of water, and water is the principal vehicle for the transmissions of our body. Without clean water, you are embracing yourselves to not only death but also, really threatening diseases and severe pain. 

Firstly, as I mentioned, dirty water is deadly. The plague, which is also known as the black death killed over 2 million people and is recognised as the worlds’ most detrimental pandemic. If children are disabled to drink clean water, we are dramatically increasing the chances of a plague return. I am sure that none of you would like to die, because of the plague, and neither do children who don’t have access to clean water. Not only the plague, but you are also embracing yourselves to various types of diseases, including smallpox and chickenpox. Many researchers from the UNICEF have discovered that since 2000, there have been plague returns in Europe and Asia.

Furthermore, you absolutely dehydrate without water. Dehydration only occurs when you lose or spend more fluid than you gain, and your body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to replace the lost ones. If you don’t replace lost fluids, you will certainly get dehydrated. If an infant or a young child is dehydrated, you can’t see tears when it’s crying and the eyes are sunken. Everyone who dehydrates feels sleepy, tired, thirsty and severe headaches. How would you feel, if your child didn’t have access to clean water, and was dehydrated? Therefore, I strongly believe that we should all have the right to drink clean water. Not only rich people, but even abysmal people should be supplied with clean drinking water.

Finally, providing clean water to all children is actually saving the future, and generations to come. Clean water provides nourishment, so poor people who can’t afford anything, still feel rapturous that we are caring for them. They don’t feel rejected, and grief-stricken that no one in caring for them. Then, their children, won’t feel rejected either and will help grow our economy. They definitely wouldn’t want to be robbers or pickpockets when they grow up, because they wouldn’t want to seek vengeance. They may study hard, and one may become as smart as Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that all children should be provided with clean water. If you don’t want diseases spread if you feel grief-stricken for those little kids and if you aren’t selfish, help those little kids! Time is not in our hands and it doesn’t grow on trees either. We need to act now, or we will never get the same opportunity. It’s now or never. If we don’t act now, we are just risking or lives. Who believes that every child should be able to drink fresh water? Who believes, that the future is our hands? Who will help me to make this world a better place? All in all, we should certainly make the grief-stricken people rapturous, and we should give them a luxurious need in life called water, but remember that this water which we supply must be clean.

Clean water
Clean Water

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People Must Receive Clean Water
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