WoolWorths Aggressive Milo Cricket Cup (Shocked)

What Is The WoolWorth Milo Cricket Cup?

The WoolWorth Milo Cricket Cup is basically a tournament/competition to gather people from a different school in Sydney (for me Cumberland Council) and all the teams compete against each other to win. The boundaries are way smaller than normal boundaries, as they are only about 30m. There is no proper pitch, instead, we play on grass.

WoolWorths Milo Cricket Cup
Wool Worths Milo Cricket Cup LOGO

About The Competition

Today we had about 11 Senior Male and 6 Senior Female Teams competing to be given the crown of cricket for the school. There were also extra junior male and female teams, but they were not included in a competition. Some team examples are; Darcy Rd Public School, Girraween Public School and Bella Vista Public School.


The rules below are the rules we used to play (modified) cricket today.

1. You use red Kanga balls instead of normal yellow kanga balls or real-life leather balls. The kanga ball was used so no-one gets injured.

Red Kanga Ball used for Juniors and Seniors
This is the kanga ball!

2. If you ball a wide, no-ball or dead-ball, the other team will not receive free extra runs. Instead, the umpire places a witch hat (cone) next to the stumps. He/she then places a ball on top, and then you get to hit it freely wherever you want, as long as it goes straight forward. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HIT IN YOUR BACKSIDE! In this situation, you HAVE to run no matter what situation you are in.

3. Every team only gets to ball 8 overs in total, and they only get to bat 8 overs in total. Each team is supposed to be divided into for pairs for batting and the rest of the players have to sit out for that match. Each pair replaces the other one every 2 overs. This means you and your partner can only bat 2 overs all together.

4. If you get out, you still stay in. In this kind of cricket if you get out you still get to stay in until you and your partner have face 12 balls altogether in total. Each time you get out, the other team gets 5 extra runs. You can get out stumped, bowled, caught or run out. When you get out, you go to the opposite side of the pitch.

5. There are no such special cameras which you can use for DRS. This means the umpire’s decision cannot be ignored or changed. There is also only 1 umpire per match. This also means if one umpire says that it is not a wicket, you are not allowed to argue.

6. In this kind of modified cricket, there are 3 substitutes. This means that there are 3 people who do not get to play each match. They cannot bat or ball in that match.

7. No inappropriate/rude words are accepted. Sledging is also not allowed. Sledging is when you make fun of the batsman or talk/interrupt him or her while the person is bowling. You are only allowed to say things which are positive about you or the opponent’s team.

What You Need To Bring

To this competition, you will have to bring your own lunch and recess. At the place I went to, there was luckily a canteen over there which offered many drinks and chocolates/lollies. You must bring a hat, bottle and sports shoes. Usually, the co-ordinator gives you a note which tells you what you need to bring. If you want, you can bring your own plastic bat, but you are not allowed to bring a wooden bat.


In this competition, before you have your recess, you will play 3 matches. Your team may have a bye which means you do not play in one match because there is an odd number of teams. The scorers take the scores, and then they give it to the people who decide which team is moving up. After you finish your 3 matches, your team’s scores will be averages. The top 2 teams will battle it out for the trophies.

My Opinion

Honestly, in my opinion, I really liked this tournament and I agreed to most of the rules. It was a really fun time, and we had enjoyable games. There are some suggestions which I could make though.

The rules which they made are better for only people in year 3 and year 4. I think that these rules should not apply for the seniors. I feel like the rules are a bit too modified for the seniors. I think that the boundaries for the seniors should be longer. I feel like the cone thing should not be there. Instead, the other team gets one run.

The biggest problem is that I think that they should not limit the number of balls faced to 12 per pair. People should be out and should go out if they get out. This means, that the other team should get 5 runs, and the player gets directly dismissed. It should’ve been max 15 balls per player. After the player faces 15, they retire. If the whole team is out, then the people who retired can still play again.

Except for all the problems, I think that I had a really good time there thanks to WoolWorths Milo Cricket. This was not an everyday thing, it was just once a year for only one day. What made this even better is that I was the captain of the team. This made me feel much better, as I felt more confident. I had about 80 runs in 22 balls. Please remember the boundaries were only 30m. I also got 9 wickets in 4 overs. My scores were 20 in 8, 30 in 7 and 30 in 7.

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