Facts About “The Harbour Bridge”


  1. The Bridge was first opened in 1932
  2. It contains 6 million hand-driven rivets
  3. When it opened it cost a car six pence to cross
  4. A horse and rider cost 3 pence
  5. It now costs $3.30 and you can’t take horses onto it
  6. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge
  7. All the steel used to build the Harbour Bridge weighs 52,800 tonnes and the steel was 79% imported from England. 21% from Australian sources
  8. The four pylons on either side are completely decorative and do not help the Harbour Bridge to stay up
  9. 272,000 litres of paint were required to give the Bridge its initial three coats
  10. Paul Hogan was a rigger on the bridge before he became famous
  11. It took 1,400 men eight years to build the bridge and 16 people died in the construction of the bridge
  12. The bridge is 134 metres above sea level and 1149 metres long.
  13. 800 families living in the planned path of the Harbour Bridge were displaced without compensation
  14. The top of the arch rises and falls about 180 mm due to changes in temperature
  15. The Harbour Bridge’s original cost was $4.2 million and nowadays it is around $69.9 million and it took 55 years to pay off
  16. An estimated 160,000 cars pass over the Sydney Harbour Bridge each day
  17. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of only two bridges in Australia which can (legally) be climbed
  18. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is affectionately nicknamed “The Coathanger” because of its arc shape.
  19. During construction of the bridge, 14,000 workers were employed at all times, with many of them receiving good pay
  20. Over 800 families were forced to move out of their homes to make way for the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s construction, and they weren’t compensated for their troubles
  21. When the bridge was inaugurated on 19 March 1932, the ceremonial ribbon cutting was supposed to be done by NSW Premier the Hon but, Capt. Francis de Groot of the New Guard paramilitary group beat him to it. Capt. de Groot cut the ribbon with his sword! (He was subsequently arrested, the ribbon tied back together, and the ceremonial cutting proceeded without further hitches)
  22. The public was allowed to walk across the deck of the bridge when it was first opened in 1932. If you are in Sydney in 2032, the centenary of the Harbour Bridge will be the next opportunity.
  23. The granite face of the four 89-metre-high pylons of the bridge used. Around 17,000 cubic metres of granite blocks and quarried near the historic town of Moruya. They were then transported to Sydney 300 kilometres North.

This document is created as a part of Girraween Public School’s Centenary celebration project by Nirja Shah, Trushil Shah & Sarrun Sabashe of class 5Y. We are really thankful to our class teacher Miss. Yu Yan Tran for her continuous support & guidance during our project.

Author: Trushil Shah

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